Posted: April 10, 2011 in VAN
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Right well as most of you will know i bought a van, its a fiesta mk6 1.4 tdci van.

now anyone that will know me knows im a fordy man at heart and love fiestas thats why i chose this perticular model.

WHY i hear you scream! WTF have you gone form a 400 horse car to a measly 68hp. well basicaly i needed a cheap runner to get me back and forth to work. And this little puppy so far has given me 350 miles out of just over half a tank. WOOP.

any way the plans for it were simple, Buy it, own it, drive it, but that changed quite quick.

started off by buying coilovers, a double din dvd/blutooth/tv/radio, and my latest purchase which i am still waiting delivery on is a set of genuine 16″ 8J et25 escort cosworth rims. yes they will need stretch to fit but im pretty sure a van wont get to much attention from the old bill.

anyway plans for the near future is a set of one piece bumpers. ST/Zetec S ones are the main want but i am refusing to pay the cash that they are going for second hand. a ST spoiler and maybe some ST side skirts. other than that its tidy it up and have a wee bit of fun.

Oh was also thinking of adding an intercooler as these things dont have one as standard.


thats not actually my one but you get the jist its the same.

and this is the look im going for


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