Posted: March 11, 2011 in RS Turbo
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Well I thought it was best I show you all one of my toys.

I bought my Mk3 Fiesta RS Turbo quite a few years ago now

When I first came across the car it was sitting in my mates garage and belonged to a mutual friend, who had previously picked the car up under the premise that the ZVH (zetec bottom end CVH head) engine would be producing healthy horsepower figures when complete.

Anyway after some time trying to get the car running he gave up. And me being the avid Ford fan I thought il have that. So I parted with my cash.

The car then remained untouched in the garage for some time before I picked the car up and moved it to my lock up where it remained for another year untouched.

I had decided that the ZVH was a bit of an unknown to me as I did not know the person who built it so set about finding a good quality base CVH to throw in the car as a temp measure.

I rebuilt the CVH and did a few bits to it. When removing the ZVH I found a nice brand new T2 Hybrid Turbo. Which when removing I had noticed that the gasket on the oil return pipework did not have a hole in it for the oil to exit the turbo, this confirmed I was right to remove the ZVH.

Anyway once the engine was in I had some problems with the wiring loom and the underlying fault was a dodgy ECU, so this was replaced.

I decided to remove the bodykit to give the car a tidy up, this was when I found the ROT. A bit disheartened I set about cutting it out. And now the car has been fully resprayed and is looking fresh.

The RS has not been touched in some time due to having a baby and moving house.

But It will be on the road this year I promise.



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